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bigg boss telugu voting
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 2019

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: If you’re looking around for star maa bigg boss telugu vote 2019, then you’re at the right place. 

In this page you will learn how you can easily add your vote in bigg boss telugu season 3 online voting poll.

You will also learn here how to check bigg boss telugu vote result or bigg boss telugu vote status etc. 

In this article, we will be discussing about how you can add vote in bigg boss telugu vote online. Please note that this voting poll is for bigg boss 3 telugu vote poll.

As we all know, the very first episode of bigg boss telugu was released in 16th of July in 2017. And from then we have seen total 2 two season of bigg boss telugu.

And the audience is really very excited for the upcoming bigg boss telugu season which is going to be the season 3 for this show. 

We know that bigg boss telugu first season was hosted and shot in Lonavla just like other bigg boss shows. 

But, we are today here going to take a look on bigg boss telugu voting process and the bigg boss telugu 3 eliminated contestants list. 

Are you excited?

Let’s being! before that, let me tell you some important poing about bigg boss telugu show. 

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Voting

bigg boss telugu vote
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
So according to Wikipedia, bigg boss telugu is a telugu version of the original bigg boss show which has conducted a total of 12 seasons and the latest season is about to arrive as well. 
The upcoming season of original Bigg Boss (Hindi) is going to be the bigg boss season 13
About Bigg Boss: So all the language versions of the Bigg Boss consist of the same concept. 

People from all walks of the life are put and locked together in a house where the last member of the house remaining, wins the show and gets the prize money.

Below we have the complete list of the bigg boss telugu season 3. The bigg boss telugu show has total of 16 members in the game.
Below is the information about all the members of bigg boss telugu. We have bigg boss telugu contenstants name list with pics 2019. 
You will also get to know about each contestant’s lifestyle and biography from the list given below. Please continue reading..

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Contestants 2019

Here is the complete list of all the bigg boss telugu 2019 contestants. Here you will get to know about their status in the bigg boss house and their profession.
(to be updated)
Now that you’re done reading the contestants information, we can move on with Bigg Boss Telugu Vote and how to add vote in Bigg Boss Telugu Voting.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 2019

bigg boss telugu voting poll
Bigg Boss Telugu Live Voting

So in this section I will tell you what steps to follow to add your vote in bigg boss telugu voting 2019. 

So there are multiple ways through which you can easily add your vote in bigg boss telugu online voting. 

Following are the methods for bigg boss voting 2019:

  • bigg boss telugu vote through missed call
  • bigg boss telugu vote through sms
  • bigg boss telugu voting through Google search

So above were the ways through which you can now add your vote in the bigg boss telugu season 2 voting polls. 

I have explained all the methods below separately. 

Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Voting

So as you all know bigg boss has multiple medium of adding vote in the polls and missed call voting method is one of them. 

You can now add your vote in the bigg boss online voting poll through by just giving a missed call to the assigned number of your favorite contestant.

Each eliminated member of the bigg boss house is assigned a dedicated number which allows you to add vote in the bigg boss voting poll for that particular member only.

So note the assigned number of your favorite contestant in the house so that you can vote for him/her. 

Bigg Boss Telugu SMS Voting

You can also add your vote by sending an SMS to a particular number to successfully add your vote in the voting polls.
Each time Bigg Boss announces a number which the audience can use to send and vote for their favorite contestant in the house.
The SMS numbers are displayed right on the screen while bigg boss is being telecasted. You can then note down that number and then follow the SMS sending process which Bigg Boss has declared. 

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Through Google Search

There is also a new method of adding votes now. Sometimes Bigg Boss uses this method to collect vote from the audience. 
If you just search on Google as “bigg boss telugu”, “bigg boss telugu voting”, “bigg boss telugu voting online”, vote bigg boss telugu” etc. Google automatically shows the list of eliminated members and you can also add your vote from there directly!
This is new method people are using these days to conveniently conduct voting polls from in front of their audience. 
Again, this method of voting is not official or declared anywhere and might not be there as well but it is just so that you know whenever it comes. 
So there are some information and knowledge about bigg boss telugu voting process. 
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