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Hello everyone, if you’re looking for bigg boss 13 details like host, release date, audition, eligibility etc, then you’re at the right place

Here I will tell you complete details about the Bigg Boss season 13. We all love to watch bigg boss and its back with another season, the bigg boss season 13

Bigg Boss 13 show overview:

Show                  :     Bigg Boss 13
Host                    :     Salman Khan
Channel              :     Colors TV
Time                    :     9 to 10 PM (everyday)
Genre                 :     Reality Show
Release Date     :    16th Sep, 2019
Contestants       :    (mentioned below)
Language           :    Hindi
Prize Money      :    –

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Here I will tell you complete details about:

Bigg Boss Live
Bigg Boss 13 Contestants
 Bigg Boss 13 Release/Start Date
 Bigg Boss 13 Voting Poll
 Bigg Boss Winner
So let’s start with Bigg boss season 13!

How To Watch Bigg Boss 13 Live

Here I will tell you how you can watch bigg boss 13 live
Bigg boss 13 is usually streamed on Color TV channel. So you can watch Bigg Boss 13 live on Colors channel
bigg boss 13
You can even watch bigg boss 13 live on your smartphone. You can use Jio TV to watch bigg boss 13 live if you have the Jio sim card. 
Or you can even use some other TV streaming apps like: Hostar, Voot etc. 

Bigg Boss 13 Contestants

Here I will tell you the details about Bigg Boss season 13 all contestants name, their pics, personal details etc.
This is the place where you can get complete knowledge about Bigg Boss 13 contestants. We have Bigg Boss 13 contestants name with pics and other personal details like their profession etc.

check out all the information about bigg boss 13 contestants like their profession, bio, history, personal life etc.
(to be updated)
bigg boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 Release Date

Here you can know about when is bigg boss 13 going to start. Here you will learn about: bigg boss 13 release date, bigg boss 13 start date, bigg boss last date, bigg boss 13 audition date etc.
Bigg Boss 13 (2019) is like last year is going to start around the mid-september of 2019 that is around 15th september, 2019.
Talking about audition details, you can check out Bigg Boss 13 Audition date to know more about bigg boss 13 audition details. 
bigg boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 Voting Poll

Here you will learn about: bigg boss 13 voting poll, bigg boss 13 vote, bigg boss 13 vote online, bigg boss 13 voting online, bigg boss 13 voting result. 
Here you know complete details about official Bigg Boss 13 Voting.
You can vote for your favourite contestant in Bigg Boss 13 by using the following methods:
→ By using Voot
→ Through our webiste: Bigg Boss 13 Vote
Bigg Boss 13 Vote using Voot:
You can give your vote to your favorite contestant using the Voot app by following the below tutorial:
  • step 1: download the voot app: andorid | ios
  • step 2: Go the the Bigg Boss section by clicking on the ‘3 lines‘ on the top left side of the screen. 
  • step 4: you will see a ‘vote now‘ button during any type of voting undergoing in the bigg boss 13.
  • step 4: just click on ‘vote now‘ and you will see a list of contestants that are nominated for the elimination.
  • step 5: choose your favorite contestant and click on ‘submit‘.
And that’s it! Your vote is now submitted and you don’t have to do anything now.
Bigg Boss 13 Vote on this site:
After every week of nomination day, we will add a poll here. Click to see the current – bigg boss 13 voting poll.
Here you easily vote for your favorite contestant and you can even see the live voting poll results directly from here only. 
By using our site, you can easily predict the contestant who is going to nominate and who is safe.
We will even host the ‘Bigg Boss 13 Winner Poll’ where you can vote for the contestant and easily see the results, after which you can easily predict the contestant who will win Bigg Boss 13. 
Click here to load our Bigg Boss 13 Voting Poll.

Bigg Boss 13 Winner

We will update this part of the page where we will tell you the winner name of the Bigg Boss 13 show. Wait till Bigg Boss 13 ends. 

Here we are hosting a “Bigg Boss 13 Winner Prediction Poll” where you can unofficially add your vote in the poll and see the live result.

Many people along with you will add their vote, so make sure you add your vote in the bigg boss 13 winner prediction poll to predict the winner before the official results.
Thank you! Here are some helpful links:


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