When is Bigg Boss 13 Starting? Bigg Boss 13 Start Date | Release Date

Here I will tell you the start date of Bigg Boss 13. We all love & watch Bigg Boss show and we're eagerly waiting for the next season which is the Bigg Boss season 13. So here I will tell you the expected start date of Bigg Boss 13.

bigg boss 13 start date

Bigg Boss 13 Start Date | Bigg Boss 13 Release Date

Bigg Boss 13 is a reality show which is streamed on Colors. It is a show where contestants participate and try to win the game. The last person remaining in the game wins it and takes the prize money home. Here I am today going to tell you the start date or you can say the launch/release date of the upcoming bigg boss 13.

So bigg boss 13 is going to start most probably from September 15, 2019. So set the alarm in the clock and get ready for another awesome season of entertainment. 

You can watch Bigg boss season 13 live on Colors TV channel or else you can watch bigg boss 13 on other content streaming platforms like Voot and Jio TV. Here you can watch Bigg Boss 13 live just like the TV but on your smartphone which is super convenient. 

Bigg Boss 13 Start Date, release date

So that was our article for bigg boss 13 start date. Feel free to ask your doubts/queries regarding bigg boss 13 in the comments section below. Thanks! :)

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